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الحمد لله على كل شيء




I get really annoyed with some of y’all thirstin over these mediocre alien looking white celebrities. Wallahi respect yourselves

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Harry Uzoka & Chuck Achike, models from Christopher Shannon show, London Collections: Men SS 2014, Day 3, 18 June 2013, Old Sorting Office, Bloomsbury, London by My Soul Insurance on Flickr.
I was always hungry for love. Just once, I wanted to know what it was like to get my fill of it — to be fed so much love I couldn’t take any more. Just once. Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood  (via weepling)

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I hate the idea of lonely. And I hate the reality of attachment. Reyna Biddy (via cravinghisbrutality)

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Shades of Swagger # 86 | Undercover, Man in Niger. Photo by Georg Gerster for National Geographic, 1979

Me and wifey 2 stepping the Tawaf around the Ka’bah.
That’s the problem with special moments. By the time you’re fully aware of their importance, they’ve already passed you by. Noor Shirazie (via aestheticintrovert)

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and my children,
I will whisper
to them softly as they sleep

'Forgive me,
I love you,
do not let me damage you.’

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They ask
‘Why fight fire
with fire?’

But who, pray tell,
ignited this flame
and kept it burning?
Who set our
homes ablaze?

Mandeq Ahmed 'fight fire with fire’
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If you have never hid in the bathroom to get away from ppl in your own house, I’m very happy for you

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A young Buddhist monk flexes his muscles during morning prayers at Thikse Monastery in Ladakh on May 7, 2014. (Ahmad Masood/Reuters)